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Our dedicated focus is to increase the profitability of YOUR livestock production with the ultimate vision of an excellent meat quality product on the plates of our consumers.

Decades of vigorous selection, scrutinizing visual potential and analyzing tens of thousands of data sets leave a mark! “To measure is to know” – OKABRA BRAHMANS is the largest Brahman stud worldwide with a BREEDPLAN 5 star performance recording rating and strong genetic linkages to Australia, USA, Namibia and South Africa.

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19 October 2023


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24 October 2023


AGRA Auction Ring Windhoek

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3 November 2023


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Customer Testimonials

 Customer Journey by Jabulani and Emmanuel Dhliwayo – Zimbabwe

Update 20.10.22: OUR OKB bull is breaking all records here. He is set to score more than 60 calves in one season. As I type he stands at 50 calves. What a bull. THANK YOU!

Our Journey to purchase a bull from Okabra started with our fascination with how organised and complete Namibian brahman EBVs were. My brother and I would then search on the internet for the top brahman studs in Namibia. This is when Okabra brahman stud came into light. We liked the fact that the EBVs of their animals were complete unlike the EBVs of other studs from southern Africa. So to cut the long story short; what makes Okabra Brahmans Special? Firstly it is the way the Okabra team  communicates with its clients. We bought our bull online and when we were doing our homework the OKB team understood what we wanted and recommended the exact animal for consideration on the day of the auction. It is not easy to make a bull purchase decision based on pictures and videos without seeing the animal in the flesh. Well, team OKB listens to customers and potential customers. Team OKB makes both online and onsite purchase on auction day easier. Why? They communicate exhaustively with clients. The second reason why we would recommend Okabra brahmans to future SADC clients is the support infrastructure. Once you purchase from them the OKB team takes care of your animals and helps with the quarantine and export requirements. The communication is constant until the animal reaches your farm and thereafter. Thirdly, it is all about the Animal you are buying, they sell the best. We wanted a Bull with low birthweight EBVs, high fat EBVs, a fertile dam, strong head, short in stature, and extremely mascular. We got that and more. When the bull arrived he matched and to a larger degree exceeded our expectations.  

Ruben Hange – Namibia

I am a proud client of OKABRA BRAHMANS for several years and my Brahman herd is built solid on the genes of the OKABRA BRAHMANS. I am also impressed to see that Okabra Brahmans are on the forefront of technological advancement.


140 visitors at our Okabra farmers day! Every guest went home with new knowledge and energy. One very special guest at our Okabra Brahman Farmers day: Joey Evans. Internationally renowned motivational speaker, but also an authentic, both-feet-firmly-on-the-ground personality . Making the mission to reach everyone who wants to hear his mind-shifting message is very much like him. He moved our seasoned as well as young farmers with his message "NEVER GIVE UP!". Take every day - step by step. You did not come this far to only come this far. Something all of us need to hear and to bear in mind.
Thank you Joey for this inspiration and we hope to see you in Grootfontein again!

OKABRA BRAHMANS wins the BREEDPLAN Champion award at the Windhoek Show 2022. Out of all competing Brahman bulls OKABRA took first, second, third and fourth place! A clean sweep.




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