Brahman and Simmentaler Auction

Northern Select Sale

2 June 2022 @ AGRA Auction Ring Windhoek

OKABRA BRAHMANS offer 30 white Brahman Bulls, 10 OKASIM Simmentaler bulls as well as 40 white Brahman heifers and 5 Simmentaler heifers in calf. We also offer semen by proven stud sire OKABRA ADMOR 15-0001OKB. It has been collected for export at an officially registered semen collection center according to veterinary requirements as set out by the South African veterinary services. Contact us if you have questions.

OKABRA BRAHMAN Bulls on offer

EBV Overview

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Comments OKABRA bulls

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OKB 18 714 (AI)
OKABRA Brahmans stud sire

Australian Sire – Elrose Epic (P)

A top bull with capacity throughout. Exceptional high growth and eye-muscle-area EBVs, with fertility EBVs in top 15% of the breed. Feed efficiency in the top 1% of the breed. Good semen quality of 4- out of 5. On dam side out of the proven Koba line and on sire side an Australian proven sire (Elrose Epic) through insemination. This is the chance for a new wave of genetic infusion with international linkages.  A bull not to be missed.


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OKABRA Brahmans stud sire
OKB 18 705 (AI)

Australian Sire – FBC D MR ARNIE MANSO 620D

Bigger capacity bull with length and strong hind-quarter. Good semen quality rated 4 out of 5. This bull is an outsider bull (by artificially insemination) with semen from the well-known Australian bull FBC Mr Arnie Manso. Very high growth breeding values in the top 1% of the breed – good for terminal ox-production. All carcasse eye-muscle-area and fat EBVs in top 5% of the breed. In spite of his growth this bull has a very good feed efficiency – in the top 1% of the breed.

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OKABRA Brahmans stud sire
OKB 18 871

A well muscled masculine bull good definition of muscling. Broad topline with width throughout. Good growth EBVs, scrotal size and eye-muscle-area in the top 5% of the breed. Feed efficiency in the top 10% of the breed. A top bull – do not miss him.





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OKABRA Brahmans stud sire

3x 10 Straws of OKABRA ADMOR available

OKABRA ADMOR 15-0001OKB top stud sire

OKABRA BRAHMAN heifers in calf on offer


OKASIM SIMMENTALER heifers in calf on offer

Special condition of Sales for buyers from outside Namibia:
Animals bought by buyers from outside Namibia will go directly to Quarantine Station, which is close to Gobabis.  If there are more than 10 animals going to the Quarantine Station the transport to the Quarantine Station is for free.  All further costs like: Transport cost to final destination, quarantine costs, veterinary services and all export levies are payable by the Buyer. 

Special condition of Sales for buyers from inside Namibia: 
If free transport is available, the buyers account must be paid in full to make use of the free transport benefit.  The free transport benefit is available from Windhoek to Agra auction pens in Okahandja, Otjiwarongo, Otavi and Grootfontein.  Free transport to Gobabis and Mariental only if more than 10 animals are on route.  Free transport available for bulls and females.  Transport on own risk.

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