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Humble beginnings...

Cattle farming has been the backbone of the family business for nearly a century. The Schneider family has been in extensive cattle ranching as its core buisness since 1913 at Okamutombe near Grootfontein. The experiences gained and the basic management skills of extensive farming practices has been passed on from generation to generation.

The first heifers were purchased in 1987 from the late Reg Hunt. The initial cow herd was based on the well-known American Sugarland Manso bloodlines. Over the years semen from well-known bulls from Australia, America as well as South Africa were used to create bloodlines ideally suited for beef production under natural conditions for the export market.

Stud and Commercial Herd

The OKABRA BRAHMAN herd is run under extensive farming practices on savanna rangelands and no exeptions are made compared to our commercial cattle. This is to ensure that we keep up with the needs of our customers who want resilient and strong animals to build their herds.

Namibia on the south-west coast of Africa is an environmentally harsh country with very erratic rainfall patterns. On the other side Angola is probably just the opposite. We place our animals in both conditions and find that OKABRA Brahmans are well adapted to warm subtropical climate as well as dry arid rangelands and show a high resistance towards parasites. 

OKABRA Brahman at its best

The Schneider Family

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The Farm Team

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